Rules & Guidelines - Photoshop


The following rules are specific to the photoshop contests. Make sure to read the carefully before participating. Also make sure to read the more general contest rules.

Photoshop Contest Rules

Source images are a crucial part of most image manipulations. So, when you are creating an entry, make it a habit to save the URLs of the sources you used. With all your sources listed, people can get a better idea of how your entry was created and it will keep the contests fair :)

Under PROFILE -> MY ENTRIES you'll find a button to set your sources. No idea what exactly copyright is? Head over to the

5.1. Copyrighted sources:
Don't use copyrighted images without approval from the original author, unless the contest description explicitly allows it.

There are plenty of sources on the web to find good material, have a look at creativecommons for example. A convenient way to search for CC sources across various large image sites. Make sure "modify, adapt or build upon" is checked.

If you use someone else's copyrighted image as a source, and you have permission from the owner to use it, post a copy of that permission in your step by step or in your description (blackout anything which identifies you to keep the contest anonymous). .

5.2. Use of Paid External Images as Source:
All source images that you purchased must have a screenshot of the download receipt (blackout anything which identifies you to keep the contest anonymous).

5.3. Use of Personal Images as Source:
If you use your own personal images as a source, link to its online location and proof it's yours. If it's nowhere online, upload the uncut source to your step by step guide, with an explanation that it is your image.

5.4. No External Source used in your Entry:
In this case, write in your description how your entry was made.

Keep in mind that if there's something not clear, the moderators might ask you to explain or post a step by step guide. This way we can keep the contests fair for everyone!

5.5. Reference Images:
Reference images are also sources, so don't forget to mention them.

5.6. 3D Renders or Illustrations as Source:
Using other people's 3D renders or illustrations (even with permission and no matter in which form they are offered) creates a false impression of your artwork. So 3D renders or illustrations can not be used as sources, unless they are entirely created by yourself. Only acceptable non-illustration brushes and clip art may be used, but you need to mention them as a source too. Don't use an image that has been altered by the source owner nor an entire work created by someone else.

5.7. Models Created with 3D Programs such as "Poser":
If you use a 3D program to create a model or render (eg. with Poser), post a screenshot of the wireframe, so we can verify it's not someone else's work.