Rules & Guidelines - Photography


The following rules are specific to the photography contests. Make sure to read the carefully before participating. Also make sure to read the more general contest rules.

Entering photography contests on pxleyes is only possible by uploading a digital copy of your work through the "submit entry" button on the contest page.

Keep your pictures as close as possible to what got recorded when you released the shutter. Refer to the following paragraph to learn what kind of editing will be acceptable.

Only use your own pictures. You must be the original photographer of your entry. To prove your authorship, keep the original with exif data to allow for easy verification. You can use any type of camera, analog or digital, to create the original picture.

Photographing the work of others in a 'reproductive' way will not constitute a work of your own in the above sense. If you want to enter a picture of another artist's work, take an "interpretative" picture of that piece which holds its own photographic merit. In any case, credit the original artist in your entry properly.

Photograpy Contest Guidelines

In general, you should try to avoid editing your photos, whether in camera or with some editing software on a computer. Being a good photographer also means being able to take good shots without having to edit afterwards. We understand that enhancing pictures after the fact has a long tradition in photography and thus we allow for certain digital darkroom techniques, which is readily available in most photo handling software today. As a general rule, you are allowed to all adjustments which act on the whole picture and on exactly one picture (a.k.a. non selective editing). This includes:

  • - 6.1.: Only enter photos you made yourself. Do NOT Google photos and enter them as yours.
  • - 6.2.: Read the contest description carefully and make sure you understand what is required.
  • - 6.3.: If you feel an entry is off theme or something else is wrong with an entry: use the 'contact moderator' option which shows at each entry.
  • - 6.4.: Small alterations to photos are allowed; removing dead pixels, color adjustments, B&W conversion and so on. - Adding a border for instance is OK. - Filters, if used, should be kept to a minimum and affect the entire image.
  • - 6.5.: Keep your entry anonymous! No watermarks, no comments with your (user)name in it while the contests are running, no tags with your (user)name. adjustments/shifting
  • - 6.6.: You can not re-use a photo from a previous contest in a new contest.