Rules & Guidelines - 3D


The following rules are specific to the 3D contests. Make sure to read the carefully before participating. Also make sure to read the more general contest rules.


8.1. Step by Step Guides: SBS guides are mandatory for 3D contests. An SBS guide needs to contain at least 2 intermediate steps and preferably have some written explanation with it. This means you'll have to show steps from the building process.

8.2. Background Images: Background images may be placed on a plane, or other geometry and used in the final render. Images used in the "Backround or viewport" function and camera matched are okay too. Links are required for images used, or whole uncut images placed in the SBS.

8.3. Blue Prints: When blueprints are given as the contest theme, then you must use the blueprint and show its use in the SBS as minimal 2 extra steps. If you use external blueprints, link to the details page of the blueprint.

8.4. Textures: Do not use copyrighted textures.In other words, you CANNOT use textures from, BLOGS, GOOGLE, BING, or any other search engine. It must be from a legitimate texture site, such as, or

8.5. Postprocessing: This is allowed in any relevant imageing software. This also MUST be shown in the SBS. By POST PROCESSING, we mean: Use of PS, or any other 2D image altering software. You CAN USE any of the filters AND/OR whole image processing tools supplied by that software.

8.6. Famous People/Objects: You are allowed to model famous/infamous characters, buildings, objects. If so you must link to your (uncopyrighted) references.

8.7. Pre Built Meshes: Pre built meshes are ALLOWED to be used in scenes. A pre built mesh may not be used as your main object or any other focal point in your entry. They may be used as decoration.

8.8. Compositing software: The use of compositing software IS allowed. Ie, software such as: Adobe after effects, Nuke, or composite for 3ds max. All footage, images must be linked too, if used. If self created, uncut versions must be posted in the SBS.

9.0 Painting/Matte Painting: Over painting in Corel Painter/Adobe photshop/ Gimp etc. is ALLOWED. Just show us what you did in your SBS as minimal 2 extra steps.

9.1 Creativity: By this we mean: DO NOT: copy someone else's work, whether it be 2D or 3D. Come up with your own ideas. Any entry found to be replicated from someone elses work WILL BE REMOVED.

9.2 POSER/DAZ Models: These are allowed in ANY entry. Just show us what you did in Poser/Daz in your SBS as minimal 2 extra steps.

9.3 Famous fonts/trademarks. These are allowed, as long as you RECREATE THEM YOURSELF, and DON'T download them from google/bing/yahoo/ask/blogs/or websites of that particular company. You can however download them from sites such as, amd link to them. Any infringement of this rule will lead to immediate removal of your entry.

9.4 Posting WITHOUT SBS: If you post your entry without an SBS and comment "SBS coming" your entry WILL BE REMOVED. You must post your entry with an SBS. This can be done easily via the "Post later via my contest entries" check box when uploading your entry.
An SBS contains at least 2 intermediate steps with preferably a written explanation.

  • If you use blue prints you must show this as minimal 2 EXTRA steps showing this.
  • If you over painted your render this also means minimal 2 EXTRA steps showing this.
  • If you use Poser/Daz models you must post minimal 2 EXTRA steps showing this.

9.5 E-ON VUE infinite/xstream: Any scene crated within VUE will be considered a LEGITIMATE entry. Vue is a world leading environmental software package used throughout the 3D world, and will as such be considered by this site to be wholly legitimate.

9.6 Plugins/Scripts: Use of plugins or scripts for ANY 3d package is ALLOWED, and as such will NOT BE considered pre-built or "cheating" Many scripts and plugins are used frequently by the 3D industry for fluid dynamics/large cities/terrains/atmospheres/unwrapping UV's. Therefore are legitimate.

9.7 Inspiration/reference images: We understand that as most 3D images are based around "REAL WORLD" objects/characters/etc research is an essential part of the creation process. Don't be afraid to take photo's, look around the web, or look in books for inspiration. Just DON'T use the images as blueprints/references. (unless they are your own photo's)

  • If you use your own photo's: they must be posted uncut in your SBS as EXTRA steps.
  • If you use reference images from the web: post links.
  • If you use reference images from books: make a clear photo or a scan and post them as EXTRA steps in your SBS.

9.8 Change requests: Mods can at any time make requests to you about your entry, those requests MUST be fulfilled.