King Cupcake - created by mxlove

King Cupcake
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I hope I made the deadline, it wouldn't upload for half an hour :(

This one's Acrylic and it took me about 24 hours to complete. The canvas is HUGE, about 55 inches tall and 30 inches wide.
Hope you like it :) (5 years and 1500 days ago)

Favorite TV Show! - created by mxlove

Favorite TV Show!
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Pokemon was always my favorite show of my childhood!

Pikachu Character was originally designed by Ikue.
but I drew this one with no reference (5 years and 2070 days ago)

A child's love - created by mxlove

A childs love
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I was observing one of my many art creations from when I was a kid (yes I kept those),
and I tried to mimick my own style!
Things we should never do:
Make our dads wear purple shorts, Color with ball point pen and highlighters, color in all directions
and I tried my best to make it look a bit messy, tell me what you think ;) (5 years and 2093 days ago)

Violin and guitar - created by mxlove

Violin and guitar
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Photoshop CS3 5 hours
I used a combination of quick vector shapes and simple brushes. Some pen tool for the contours, etc. Hope you like it! (5 years and 2145 days ago)

Camera and Memory - created by mxlove

Camera and Memory
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(5 years and 2208 days ago)

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