Kinloss Graveyard - created by jeaniblog

Kinloss Graveyard
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(5 years and 991 days ago)

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Elgin Cathedral - created by jeaniblog

Elgin Cathedral
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Constructed in the first half of the 13th century, Elgin Cathedral was abandoned at the time of the Scottish Reformation in 1560. After the removal of the lead from the roof in 1567, the cathedral fell steadily into decay. (5 years and 1186 days ago)

Brooding Castle - created by jeaniblog

Brooding Castle
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Duffus Castle, near Elgin in Scotland inhabited from 1140 to 1705. (5 years and 1291 days ago)

Rait Castle - created by jeaniblog

Rait Castle
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Abandoned in 1442, the ruins of Rait Castle are said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl with no hands. See: (5 years and 1292 days ago)

The Thistle - created by jeaniblog

The Thistle
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National Flower of Scotland - My Home (5 years and 1297 days ago)

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