Outhouse - created by flying92

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done in PS (5 years and 1650 days ago)

CMYK46 - created by flying92

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CMYK46's badass pic, drawn in a comic book like style (5 years and 1652 days ago)

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Green Samurai - created by flying92

Green Samurai
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Everything is green!
colored pencil/pencil (5 years and 1723 days ago)

perfectly "normal" lighthouse - created by flying92

perfectly "normal" lighthouse
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I decided to make something weird today and well here it is yo. sharpies & colored pencil. (5 years and 1836 days ago)

"99% Hot Air, 1% Evil" - created by flying92

"99% Hot Air, 1% Evil"
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Plankton. 99% Hot Air, 1% Evil.

Plankton's outrageous evil schemes were always my favorite part of the show. Done in pencil and sharpies. (5 years and 1846 days ago)

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