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public education
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weapons, blood, tears, innocence and environment. Yep, that about sums it up.
There is nothing more surreal than the experience these innocent children have had and will have to endure for the rest of their lives. The addition of the noise is poignant, these events are noisy, from the gunfire and screaming to the media speculation and the motivation and purpose for them Is very unclear. Only after the weapons are fired and the sensationalizing of violence from the media, is clarity and color shed on these events.
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Three Dee storks - created by buzzy

Three Dee storks
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Only source used. Created 3D models of out of a 2D extrusion in PHOTOSHOP.

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Ground Troops "Special Ops" - created by buzzy

Ground Troops "Special Ops"
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The American military are the real warriors. Special thanks to our image forces: "tag" and "Edward Liu" on Flikr and Fandom. (3 years and 309 days ago)

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Mantiscycle - created by buzzy

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Those bikes always looked like bugs to me.... Didn't expect it to be real.
Thanks to; Mario madrona, Texas Eagle, Jean-Mark lender, bill and mark bell, Ellenm1, todociciuto and Justin Brown for their contribution
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Spoooooky House! - created by buzzy

Spoooooky House!
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Honestly it looks more inviting in the day..
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