Zippedizip - created by Lelaina

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The zipper of the sleeve of my husbands leather jacket. (5 years and 1749 days ago)

Ignorance - created by Lelaina

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If you just sit in your own empty world, ignoring everything that is around you, you will never find happiness...

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Only used for outline of the hole - Thanks to Christian Dube (5 years and 2302 days ago)

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Captured Time - created by Lelaina

Captured Time
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Time can fly, time can run, time can crawl...
But sooner or later you will experience this little moment where the time stands still, where you are able to capture it, look at it from all sides and hold it in your hand.
Maybe just for a minute.
Maybe even just for a second.
But it will feel like a piece of eternity. (5 years and 2734 days ago)

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Imagination - created by Lelaina

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Wouldn't it be great to be able to make things alive just with a touch?
Well, this little girl here seems to have this magic power ;)

Like always my intention at first was something completely different, but I'm pretty happy with the final result.
And yes: I know, that the bird, the flowers and everything else is too big in comparison to the girl, but realism wasn't my intent here ;)

I hope you like it and comments are always welcome :)

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