Pedestrians Beware - created by IDt8r

Pedestrians Beware
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Thanks to syccas-stock for the model resource.
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How to Play With Dolls - created by IDt8r

How to Play With Dolls
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Done with the good natured indulgence of one CMYK46. Thanks (5 years and 282 days ago)

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It Aint Easy Bein' Green - created by IDt8r

It Aint Easy Bein Green
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Happy New Year! - created by IDt8r

Happy New Year!
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Here's hoping you have the best year ever! Remember when you're celebrating not to get yourself into anything you can't get yourself back out of.

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Wonder Weeder - created by IDt8r

Wonder Weeder
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The Wonder Weeder saves time and trouble (not to mention your knees and back) by scurrying across your lawn, searching for weeds. Upon discovery, it digs them up, deposits it into the top mulcher and ejects the mulch out the back.

Thanks to thiquinho and Mattox (5 years and 313 days ago)

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