Easter Free Balloon Ride - created by George55

Easter Free Balloon Ride
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The image was done using the source image and the images I chose. I cut and paste parts of the sources in some areas. As seen in image. The grass is made with a brush.... The dove is duplicated and made with the shapes given in Photoshop.. The sun is also a shape brush.... The little flowers are just a brush work... The helice on top of the baskets is a rectangular line filled with black.... (8 days ago)

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Nocturnal Visitors - created by George55

Nocturnal Visitors
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(100 days ago)

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A Clowns Collection - created by George55

A Clowns Collection
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The flower on top of the clown's hat, was done with a brush and bevel and emboss. Add a description... (105 days ago)

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FEAR - created by George55

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(142 days ago)

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Bananas Vendors - created by George55

Bananas Vendors
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(246 days ago)

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