The Autophagy Grounds - created by Geexman

 The Autophagy Grounds
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The Autophagy Grounds, a place where human-like mutations flock to feed and grow.

(5 years and 1837 days ago)

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TUB-E & AVA - created by Geexman

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Just source and ps (5 years and 1845 days ago)

Subliminal Irony - created by Geexman

Subliminal Irony
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A study showed that 85% of people wont give in to subliminal messaging, yet the people who did give in had a greater sense of humour and scored much higher in the intelligence test :-) (5 years and 1866 days ago)

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Ever Heard Of Privacy?!!!!!! - created by Geexman

Ever Heard Of Privacy?!!!!!!
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The return Of KING PONG!

(5 years and 1868 days ago)

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A Midsummer Nights Theme - created by Geexman

A Midsummer Nights Theme
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A "version" of Sir Edwin Lanseer`s Midsummer Nights Dream, due to sources available and to keep it as a manip rather than painting I was only able to make a close Version. I hope you like :-)

Additional sources: to - donzeladef to - ataylor28 brush&order=9&offset=24#/da751o to - prophecyGirl to - midnightstouch to -mizzd-stock (5 years and 2033 days ago)

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