coming to life - created by philister

coming to life
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Tried something new...wanted to make it look like the mascot was coming to life out of photoshop. (5 years and 2666 days ago)

Crash - created by philister

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Okay...this is more of a throwback to some "classic" chopping. Tried my best to make this look real. Thanks for checking it out!! (5 years and 2682 days ago)

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Melting Lizard - created by philister

Melting Lizard
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Hey everyone!! This image is from when the contest was run the first time. I no longer have the step guide, although I just basically drew in the melted parts and then cloned the lizard skin over the drawn parts. For final touches I used dodge and burn to give the melted parts some dimension. I will try and recreate the sbs. Hope you like it!

Please check out the High Res!! (5 years and 2686 days ago)

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