Somewhere In An Alternate Universe - created by lchappell

Somewhere In An Alternate Universe
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(9 days ago)

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Hell Bent - created by lchappell

Hell Bent
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Motion blur filter along with layer blending modes. Some smudge tool work and brush work also. Pixelsquid models positioned with the pixelsquid plugin. (39 days ago)

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Fire and Brimstone - created by lchappell

Fire and Brimstone
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Done in Photoshop 2015 CC with the motion workplace and create a frame animation tools. Using photographs listed and PS brushes. (1 year and 204 days ago)

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Drafting Tools - created by lchappell

Drafting Tools
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A French Curve, a Protractor and a Triangle. (4 years and 48 days ago)

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Into The Chase - created by lchappell

Into The Chase
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(4 years and 112 days ago)

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