Caiman Crocodile - created by dollmommy

Caiman Crocodile
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Shot this through a glass in a dark reptile room at the wild animal park. Just a bit of sun shining in from a skylight above (5 years and 1909 days ago)

Preying at the Cemetery - created by dollmommy

Preying at the Cemetery
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Here is an infrared macros of a friendly preying mantis that I took at a country cemetery. (5 years and 1958 days ago)

Remembrances of Long Ago - created by dollmommy

Remembrances of Long Ago
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An old stone in a small town. The sky was so great that day that it only enhanced the somber tone of the photo. Only kind of processing was a bit of desaturation, adjusting black levels and sharpened in Camera Raw. I removed any vignette that may have come from the lens but there wasn't much present. (5 years and 2197 days ago)

Gotta Light?? - created by dollmommy

Gotta Light??
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(5 years and 2317 days ago)

Carmen SanDiego????? - created by dollmommy

Carmen SanDiego?????
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This shot turned out reminiscent of the game Carmen SanDiego. (5 years and 2337 days ago)

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