Gaurdian - created by LKY

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making this entry was fun.

working hours : 7-8 hours
tools used : a eraser, a .5 HB pencil and a .5 ball point black pen.

Idea came all from my mind no reference, no inspiration nothing.

and finally
all comments will be appreciated as always (5 years and 2198 days ago)

StOP....GLoBAL WaRMING !!!!! - created by LKY

StOP....GLoBAL WaRMING !!!!!
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nothing to say......

all comments and critiques are welcome as always.....(:D

and Merry Christmas everyone........... (5 years and 2492 days ago)

Increasing gravity... - created by LKY

Increasing gravity...
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mst see full res. this res. hiding some details....

I don't have pen tablet...tats why its all done with mouse...
and tnks to Capgros's for image

for the concept instead of assuming lower gravity I use the concept if gravity value increase than its normal value,and wat will be the result...

Also all comments will be appretiated as always... (5 years and 2667 days ago)

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