LIFE GIVER - created by George55

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Add a description...The water was done with a brush, white and shades of gray color, smudge down and used a layer effect... (26 days ago)

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MEDITATION - created by George55

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Add a description...Thinking about what to to with the source was though. I came up with this idea, it can be a place somewhere in the garage, or by the sauna... wherever... anyway. All the objects shown here are taken from the source, BUT NOT the wooden background I used it to make the little bench in the foreground, a place where I put the lemon in a small plate made from source, and the incense burner or ashtray, also made from source... the incense bars were made from the source... noise was added, then, burn and dodge... the smoke is from a FREE brushes site... given in sources..... The sun light, was made painting with brush, white color and overlay… at 45 - 60 percent.... (132 days ago)

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The Storm - created by George55

The Storm
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RHINO - created by George55

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BELIEVE ! - created by George55

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