Dew & Fly! - created by toofan

Dew & Fly!
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This is around 2x magnification made early in the morning in Winters. Shot with a Reverse lens setup and diffused on-camera flash.
Exif: F-11, 1/80, ISO 640. (5 years and 474 days ago)

Stilt Winged Fly - created by toofan

Stilt Winged Fly
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Captured this fly at a Maize field.
D90+50mm reversed on Extensions.
Around 2x Magnification. (5 years and 925 days ago)

First Day & Tears - created by toofan

First Day & Tears
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His first day to School, But He don't want to leave his Mother. He has no Idea why he has to leave his mother for first time. (5 years and 1114 days ago)

Nikkor The name of Perfection - created by toofan

Nikkor The name of Perfection
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My Fav. lens for Macro photography and Portraits. (5 years and 1119 days ago)

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