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Oil Strikes Back
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I guess I should have explained what I meant by this picture as far as the theme is concerned.

Man has (as kyricom stated in the comments) tried to tame nature by using oil for our own purposes and wealth. When the leak happened, it has now forever effected the gulf coast and probably more. We no longer have a beach to go to because its covered in oil and the wildlife/plantlife are also suffering.

Nature is giving us a big slap in the face by ruining all this for us. She's covered "in oil" because maybe she decided to go swimming and thats the price mother nature has now for using her oceans. Its the price we pay for fighting nature. Therefore, this shows that mother nature is striking back.

Note: Of course this is not real oil, but it is on a beach here in South Louisiana. We used chocolate cake batter and bbq sauce for fake oil. It was a great photoshoot. Originally done for a poster contest to benefit oil victims! (5 years and 1896 days ago)

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