It is gone with the slightest breeze - created by janoogee

It is gone with the slightest breeze
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Cottonwood seed barely clinging to a leaf. (5 years and 1042 days ago)

upside down building - created by janoogee

upside down building
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Upside down building in Orlando Fl (5 years and 1046 days ago)

Bluebird house - created by janoogee

Bluebird house
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Male bluebird checking on his children inside while keeping an eye on me. (5 years and 1058 days ago)

shell on a flower stem - created by janoogee

shell on a flower stem
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Sea shell growing on a flower stem (5 years and 1064 days ago)

butterfly posing - created by janoogee

butterfly posing
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beautiful colored butterfly (5 years and 1080 days ago)

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