Happy Buddha - created by downoffthedragon

Happy Buddha
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I LOVE drawing in charcoal. I'm not very good at drawing facial detail on smaller paper but I wanted to be able to scan this rather than photograph it. (5 years and 2301 days ago)

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Glass - created by downoffthedragon

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I made this swirly ball using this tutorial:http://blendermama.com/twirly-sphere-modelling.html

I made a pillar out of a cylindar and flattened cubes, stacked.

Made adjustments to the ball in Ray Mirror and Ray Transparency. Changed the colors of the world.

Placed the default light inside of the ball. Added a sun lamp, colored it yellow and increased the intensity to 1.58.

Added marble texture and made adjustments to the texture on the base. Added color. (5 years and 2465 days ago)

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