Alone - created by George55

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I did not participate in this contest... and I thought to give it a try... Used the desert source. Cut the sky part and used only the bottom... colorized to make it as it was night.... Add a description... (21 days ago)

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BUTCRANFLY - created by George55

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Add a description...The butterfly antenna is made with a shape brush.... (89 days ago)

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Smile At The Bird ! - created by George55

Smile At The Bird !
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The threes were done with the image of the three where the gnome is.... Add a description... (244 days ago)

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Passage To The Desert - created by George55

Passage To The Desert
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(272 days ago)

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The Nest - created by George55

The Nest
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UPDATE: LINK TO BIRD NEST WORKS NOW...! (1 year and 167 days ago)

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