100 Cute Animal Photos That Make You Go AWWW

Here we are again with something special for you, a 100 photo collection of the most cute and funny pets one can have. For the sake of spicing up this collection, we have some extremes, like lamas. P.S. Don’t try to keep that in an apartment! Maybe after viewing this, you might want to take a walk to the petstore!


Street Cat


author: Dream-traveler


Cat in a Shoe


author: ahmetorhan


Mirrored Cat


author: beethy


Big Ears


author: dblg


A Cat


author: KYAV


Fashion Cat


author: rami777


My Cat


author: enyodanis


Cat 23


author: eyadness


Douglas the Cat


author: oOBrieOo




author: fogke




author: truth-truth


Cute One


author: CasTR


My Dog


author: sealove0699




author: e2k


Cute Dog


author: Treke


Cool Dog


author: loria


The Dog…


author: sergey1984


B&W Dog


author: bagnino


Dartmoor the Dog


author: nibbler-photo


Snowball the Dog


author: endintears




author: moloko-yeah


Laughin Hamster


author: vladmacaru


Ninja Hamster


author: Ganayan


Hamster’s Rapsody


author: HamsterPrincess




author: ButteflyVanquish


Hamster in a Jacket


author: meihua


Chmurka, the Famous Hamster


author: puchikumo




author: SanderSteert


Cookie Hamster


author: Anakpatok




author: SilentRoseBell


Adorable Budgie


author: greencheek




author: greencheek


Chicken Budgie


author: kitsunesakurano


Budgie in Flight


author: greencheek


Fly Like a Budgie


author: budgielicious


Red Cheeks


author: dzoanna


Quaker Parrot


author: la-niebla


Parrot Baby


author: geckokid




author: Bullter


Superb Parrot


author: bueshang


The Brown Rabbit


author: acidpilot


Rabbit 02


author: slumberdoll




author: whereismycheesecake


Tiny Rabbit


author: coldshadows




author: S0n0ra




author: misbehaviour


Fish Splash


author: aiyoshi


Red Fish


author: YellowEleven




author: Nimbus9


Looking for Something


author: clae85


Happy Turtle


author: Human-Opium


A Turtle’s View


author: kylewright




author: Timosetae




author: Gabriel Gradinaru


Red Squirrel


author: Richard Armstrong


Cute Little Boy-Dog…


author: katka.szabo


German Shorthaired Pointer Pup…


author: Matt Laur




author: Alan Mitchell


French Bulldog Puppy – Prince…


author: Amish Black


Snow Puppy


author: Jay Adams


White Pup


author: Johnny Moller


Elmo, It. Greyhound Puppy


author: Henny B


Husky Puppy


author: Tanja Kozlovsky




author: Tanja Kozlovsky




author: Marga dD




author: Christina Marie




author: Marla Marrs


Kitten in a Box


author: RT. van Genugten


Fluffy Kitty


author: Martin Degiorgio


Harvey the Hamster


author: Francesca Cassidy


Parrot – 5


author: Rejith Warrier


Flying Rabbit


author: Jody Melanson


Alpaca Lama


author: Kausthub Desikachar




author: dogdishpix


Cute Cat


author: hotouch


Cutest Sweetest Boy


author: pyza


Balbinka’s First Day Out


author: pyza


Am I Cute


author: sevgi_durmaz


Pink Tongue


author: sevgi_durmaz




author: ayuen


Lillian Is Adorable


author: Pet Menagerie


I Am Cute and I Know it


author: pyza


The Story of BALBINKA


author: pyza


Old Judge Balbinka


author: pyza


Bu with Pineapple


author: pyza


Pet Rats – Grooming Time


author: MonkeyGirl22


Happy Honey


author: Doxieone


Puppy versus Stick


author: Doxieone


Honey Claus


author: Doxieone


Pirates of the Uncertain


author: Doxieone


Honey Doesn’t do Glasses


author: Doxieone


Cute Bunneh


author: mountainpugs


Oh My, Are You Calling ME Cute?


author: Dr. Hemmert


Reminds Me of a Puppy


author: mountainpugs


Roborsky Hamsters


author: Kyle Kesselring


Teller and the Tie


author: Kyle Kesselring


I’m Cool


author: Kyle Kesselring


Cute Face Harley


author: harleyannie


Rock Wallaby


author: certified su

Author: Giulia

Giulia is a 25 year old girl from Romania. She runs a blog dedicated to cute animals on furrytalk.com. She's also an amateur photographer and has a passion for Photoshop.

82 thoughts on “100 Cute Animal Photos That Make You Go AWWW”

  1. Visit the SHELTER, not pet store! 🙂
    These photos are all cute. Animals are beautiful. Please save homeless, abused, and neglected animals–adopt, don’t buy.

  2. Pretty cool post. I just came across your site and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked browsing your posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  3. aww so cute i went thru em last night so cute you could have more pictures tho lol mabee some i could set as my screen saver you could add tigers or wales exotic animals thanks for givin me somfin 2 do when you add more pics ill type back laterzlucy xx ;P lol

  4. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!these photos r all sooooooooo cute!!u wont believe how many times I said awww.all I’ll say is its more than numbers can count!

  5. ew. yuh like the hamsters? do u look like a rat ? just wondering b/c its kinda gross tht u like those but some ar really cute..yu should add some baby animals or more i should say b/c this website is kinda boring..no offense i am not bein mean but ttyl ilu world pce!

  6. whoa!!!! i love them these pictures are juust pimpped out yo!!! ha!(: yup(: yezzer (: ye ye ye ye .miii dog likes the cat pictures

  7. I came here trying to find cute dwarf hamster photos. But the best one has to be the Ninja Hamster photo (even though it looks like a Syrian hamster)! I’ve never seen a hamster open its mouth so wide. It’s hilarious xD

  8. it made me cry and go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww every time but still i still dont think their as cute as my dog.when i looked at this website my favourate was when the chubby hamster was laughing in the hay.I wish that i could have lots more to look at

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