Loneliness - created by locale

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Sometimes we all feel lonely even though we are surrounded by our loved ones. (5 years and 1767 days ago)

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Forbidden Fruit - created by locale

Forbidden Fruit
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At a very remote place on earth, where sun is hidden in erie clouds, there is an exotic tree that bears the forbidden fruit. (5 years and 2123 days ago)

Flowers - created by locale

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Created using sourceimage. Details in sbs. Thanks. (5 years and 2114 days ago)

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Ratmorph Elephant - created by locale

Ratmorph Elephant
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I have morphed a Rat to an elephant. In order to give life to image I made the rat enter into the frame from left and continued the transition in next two morphs ending with the elephant moving out of the frame to face the world with a new strong and formidable identity. (5 years and 2110 days ago)

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Hey!!! Get off my stuff... - created by locale

Hey!!! Get off my stuff...
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Aaaaaoooooohhh!! My LEGS... #$%&@#.. Hey!! What are you doing up there.. It's MINE. I found it first.. Get LOST !!!

Comments and guidance are most welcome. Happy New year :-) (5 years and 2119 days ago)

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