HOLAYYYYYY - created by bbunni1404

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only source image used here
and the rest donr free handy (5 years and 2674 days ago)

hidding as a cow - created by bbunni1404

hidding as a cow
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I already submitted this contest at the old PST site
and i used a source images from PST stock photos...
i tried to find them here but i couldn't , the Author of the background cow pic is : Hilleke .
and the Author of the elephant pic was: Trojan

i hope they dont mind to use it here again , and i hope the Moderators won't mind too !!

the skin of the elephant i used from 1 of my CD'd photos collection . as shown in a print screen . (5 years and 2581 days ago)

VENUS God of Beauty - created by bbunni1404

VENUS God of Beauty
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all painted by hand using tablet pen , (5 years and 2679 days ago)

Ohhh Nooo - created by bbunni1404

Ohhh Nooo
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only source image used here and the rest done by hand (5 years and 2675 days ago)

Resting Zebra - created by bbunni1404

Resting Zebra
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Thanks to mqtrf for the Zebra source image (5 years and 2571 days ago)

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