Going Alone - created by SkinMonkey

Going Alone
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Bald head made from pieces of the forehead and neck using clone stamp and patch tool. New ear and right hand added. hair-rope from tower window made from the hair in the source using cut and paste, and smudge tool (5 years and 2199 days ago)

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Samosaurous - created by SkinMonkey

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My 4 year old, Sam, saw the source pic and called it a dinosaur egg. Seemed a pretty good idea. Used masking and resizing for composition. Painting and layer styles for the shadows. Clone stamp to extend the back ground (5 years and 2428 days ago)

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The Luggage - created by SkinMonkey

The Luggage
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Made using some warping, lots of masking, and sapient pearwood. If you see this entry twice it's because it has been resubmitted on advice from Drivenslush. Thanks Drivenslush, I thought something weird was going on. (5 years and 2436 days ago)

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walk the dog - created by SkinMonkey

walk the dog
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a quick simple entry with no external sources. Basically just copying and flipping pieces of the source. (5 years and 2399 days ago)

We Come in Peace... sort of - created by SkinMonkey

We Come in Peace... sort of
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a lot of masking, cutting and pasting, some filters, levels and colour adjustments.
Background made using filters (5 years and 2443 days ago)

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