One Evening at a Lake - created by Richirajd

One Evening at a Lake
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Just a simple manipulation, thats why I did'nt make any SBS.

(5 years and 1830 days ago)

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Duplicated - The Album - created by Richirajd

Duplicated - The Album
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This is an album made for the imaginary band Mellow Noise, The genre of the band is Modern Rock.
I've put the cover on a black backgrond, so the black outer stroke is not part of the album.

(5 years and 1837 days ago)

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Epiphany - created by Richirajd

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Corey was a normal guy living a normal life. Untill,
one day came,when he was feeling weird and as he was
on the way to the Chemist shop.Sudden pain in his mind
happened and the next thing he saw was his surroundings
floating in the air.It did'nt took him long to
realize that he can manipulate GRAVITY.
The scene depicts the epiphany and the out of control
state of the power on the first day.

Edit : Made some changes to the background and made the unpanicking people dissappear.... Abra ca Dabra. (5 years and 1906 days ago)

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Stop ! - created by Richirajd

Stop !
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Stop Violence against Women

As you can see, the cut out of the model is not perfect...I wanted it to look like sumone has roughly cut it out with a scissor and pasted it. So, thats all...... (5 years and 1851 days ago)

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Chocolate Splash - created by Richirajd

Chocolate Splash
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Just love chocolate. (5 years and 1920 days ago)

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