Depressed Joker... - created by Giggles

Depressed Joker...
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He was tired of his job...Everyone was laughing at him...His wife was sleeping with the king...He had had enough of this...He decided to give an end to his miserable life...R.I.P. Joker... (5 years and 2347 days ago)

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Ouch - created by Giggles

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That's gotta hurt! LOL!
Take it easy guys!It's my 1st entry!LOL (5 years and 2512 days ago)

Poker Buddies - created by Giggles

Poker Buddies
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It took me a while toget everything right...feel free to comment and give suggestions... (5 years and 2411 days ago)

Illusions - created by Giggles

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I hope you guys like it! :) (5 years and 2375 days ago)

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Underwater - created by Giggles

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My first +8 contest!I hope you guys like it... (5 years and 2339 days ago)

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