D' RedHole-Spacemen Watchout! - created by wave101

D RedHole-Spacemen Watchout!
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This actually a food coloring substance poured in the toilet. = ) (5 years and 2293 days ago)

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Ball Kisses (in can) - created by wave101

Ball Kisses (in can)
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I dont even know what this is..but our local market call it "kisses"..it is solid and becomes jelly like when water is in it. Cool behind a brighter light source = ) (5 years and 2293 days ago)

The Sweetest Curse - created by wave101

The Sweetest Curse
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The Sweetest Curse is Sugar, when taken in lustful amounts causes Diabetes. Concealed in an innocently looking cake.. Let's Eat! (5 years and 2298 days ago)

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