Dew & Fly! - created by toofan

Dew & Fly!
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This is around 2x magnification made early in the morning in Winters. Shot with a Reverse lens setup and diffused on-camera flash.
Exif: F-11, 1/80, ISO 640. (5 years and 1189 days ago)

Stilt Winged Fly - created by toofan

Stilt Winged Fly
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Captured this fly at a Maize field.
D90+50mm reversed on Extensions.
Around 2x Magnification. (5 years and 1641 days ago)

Only day I have! - created by toofan

Only day I have!
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Shot early in the morning with D90+200mm AiS lens + Extension tubes @ F/5.6 ISO 200 Exposure time 1/360. (5 years and 1111 days ago)

Tiny Grass Blue! - created by toofan

Tiny Grass Blue!
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show with D90+ 200mm + Ext. Tubes. (5 years and 1111 days ago)

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Coils! - created by toofan

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Coils, stacked 4 shots into one. (5 years and 1639 days ago)

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