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(5 years and 109 days ago)

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Entry number 100756
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Here in Missouri we have a lot of tornadic storms. I couldn't resist taking this photo while a storm was brewing. In fact a tornado did touch down about 5 miles from here from this storm. (5 years and 109 days ago)

Royal Goblet - created by renegade1947

Royal Goblet
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  • Camera model: NIKON D3200
  • Exposure time: 30/1
  • Aperture: f/5.6
  • ISO: 400

Took this in my light tent. Used a glass of water with ice and glow sticks. Put a yellow glow stick at the bottom of the glass and shot it at f5.6 for 30 seconds. While shooting I waved a purple glow stick behind the glass to get this effect. (5 years and 103 days ago)

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