South Florida Sunshine - created by jojeda

South Florida Sunshine
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nikon D 5000
exposure 1/200
ISO 200 (5 years and 1508 days ago)

Green Lizard - created by jojeda

Green Lizard
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Nikon D5000 shutter speed 1/60 sec Aperture f/7.0 macro lense 60.0mm f/2.8 (5 years and 2216 days ago)

Grandfather clock - created by jojeda

Grandfather clock
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Nikon d5000 macro lens (5 years and 2201 days ago)

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Bounty Hunter - created by jojeda

Bounty Hunter
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nikon 5000 shutter speed 1/125sec aperture f 7.0
lens 60.0mm f 2.8
(5 years and 2223 days ago)

Breakfast of Champions - created by jojeda

Breakfast of Champions
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nikon D 5000 (5 years and 2060 days ago)

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