autumn - created by hamze

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Nissan GT-R - created by hamze

Nissan GT-R
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Desert Flower - created by hamze

Desert Flower
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by James F. Harrington

You are like a garden oasis, blooming in the dry desert. Your heart is warmer than the center of the sun. Your soul glitters like moonlight!
I want to take you into my arms, rush to my white Arabian charger, and together we will ride into the dark blue indigo night!
We would gallop past golden minarets, through all of time, past all memories, untill we reach the peaceful, quiet serenity of Jannat.
There we would settle down, under the soothing, cool shade of jade colored olive trees. I would sing to thee my songs of love. We would lay on a carpet that possessed magical qualities. Ripe fruit would be in abundance. We would be forever in paradise.

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I'm gonna eat you son - created by hamze

Im gonna eat you son
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Sunset on the lake - created by hamze

Sunset on the lake
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