Quite Canals - created by gsharpe62

Quite Canals
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This photo was taken in Venice on a quite back alley with hardly any people and very little noise. This effect was attained in post processing. (5 years and 1934 days ago)

Including the Kitchen Sink - created by gsharpe62

Including the Kitchen Sink
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This old dirty sink was on an abandoned rail car. (5 years and 1937 days ago)

Everlasting Gate - created by gsharpe62

Everlasting Gate
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Another photo taken at a local cemetery. The rust on the iron is what makes these old gates special. (5 years and 1937 days ago)

Gate to Forever - created by gsharpe62

Gate to Forever
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Photographed in a local cemetery. (5 years and 1937 days ago)

Rusty Dome - created by gsharpe62

Rusty Dome
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Part of an old train. This dome was covered in grime, grease and mold. Even though it looks cool It was very dirty. (5 years and 1937 days ago)

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