The seaside - created by fumoffu89

The seaside
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This is a picture of my mates during a trip I went in the last year. (5 years and 1753 days ago)

All in one place...literally - created by fumoffu89

All in one place...literally
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This is my messy desk back at home, this is where I play games, surf the net, make models, draw, keep my toys/models (5 years and 2046 days ago)

A very long road ahead - created by fumoffu89

A very long road ahead
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edit_fixed the horizon (5 years and 2180 days ago)

ShadowBlind - created by fumoffu89

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subtle shadow created in the midst of night (5 years and 2228 days ago)

The seaford sunset - created by fumoffu89

The seaford sunset
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This was taken a few months back during a trip to seaford, played around a bit with the brightness and contrast (5 years and 1845 days ago)

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