keep out - created by costar

keep out
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(5 years and 3150 days ago)

Deep in Thought - created by costar

Deep in Thought
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my grandson playing around in the boat (5 years and 3147 days ago)

Mother Goose - created by costar

Mother Goose
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we was fishing in one of our back lakes and we came upon a goose sitting on her eggs (5 years and 3146 days ago)

Welcome to America - created by costar

Welcome to America
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I took this with a Minolta 7000 during the afternoon with a dark filter while driving over the Manhattan bridge in a semi truck (5 years and 3148 days ago)

Lens less - created by costar

Lens less
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this is probably an old trick, and a simple effect, i took the lens off my camera poked a very small hole in a postcard held it close the where the lens use to be and took the shot, amazing how focused it was with out any lens, just the body. (5 years and 3146 days ago)

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