St Mark's Square, Venice - created by cdstrachan

St Marks Square, Venice
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St Mark's Square, Venice.

B&W conversion, split toning in Lightroom (5 years and 1937 days ago)

Smile - created by cdstrachan

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A happy girl caught smiling (5 years and 1935 days ago)

Another car - created by cdstrachan

Another car
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3x bracketed shots (-2,0,+2)

shot using tripod, and merged in photoshop HDR (5 years and 1932 days ago)

Graveyard - created by cdstrachan

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A cross in a mistry graveyard, black and white conversion and split/toning in lightroom. (5 years and 1935 days ago)

Fair price - created by cdstrachan

Fair price
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The Fair price store

3x bracketed shots
HDR merge
sharpening in lightroom (5 years and 1935 days ago)

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