Disneyland ferris wheel - created by Tylerboston

Disneyland ferris wheel
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Loved the reflection from this giant wheel at Disneyland.

Handheld F3.5 1/20 exposure (5 years and 1393 days ago)

Home tree - created by Tylerboston

Home tree
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(5 years and 982 days ago)

Volkswagon front - created by Tylerboston

Volkswagon front
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I love this car even though its maintenance is a bit extra...

Shot at 21mm manual exposure, 1/50 sec, f/5.6, ISO 800 (5 years and 995 days ago)

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Rooster - created by Tylerboston

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(5 years and 982 days ago)

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Jet airliner crash - created by Tylerboston

Jet airliner crash
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This photo was taken on set of the film War of the worlds. The large item on the right is one of the engines from the plane. (5 years and 1393 days ago)

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