Head Turn - created by Shikyo

Head Turn
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I called her name with the intention of taking her picture. She was not aware of the picture until it was too late. (5 years and 2154 days ago)

Frozen Liquid - created by Shikyo

Frozen Liquid
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I was taking another kind of picture but through and accident I ended up being able to take this picture much better than what I had planned before. (5 years and 2198 days ago)

Toothbrush Movement - created by Shikyo

Toothbrush Movement
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A wet electric toothbrush. (5 years and 1930 days ago)

Silence - created by Shikyo

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The symbol to be quiet. (5 years and 1875 days ago)

Squeeze - created by Shikyo

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Paper cup squeezed by a hand. (5 years and 1747 days ago)

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