Simple Garden Harvest - created by MossyB

Simple Garden Harvest
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Turban squash are a winter type squash, similar to Butternut squash, with a slightly "hazelnut" flavor. They are more known for their decorativeness, but make wonderful pies and soups. (5 years and 475 days ago)

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Hubcap - created by MossyB

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(5 years and 469 days ago)

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Masked Dream - created by MossyB

Masked Dream
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One of a series of "dream" assemblages. Found objects in a wooden encasement with epoxy resin poured over them.

There are two small mirrors behind the eyes, what you see are reflections... (5 years and 893 days ago)

Sepia Stars and Stripes - created by MossyB

Sepia Stars and Stripes
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Photo post-processed to sepia toning with Photoshop (5 years and 460 days ago)

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Fine Crumb - created by MossyB

Fine Crumb
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(5 years and 809 days ago)

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