Wright Brothers Flyer - created by Christy

Wright Brothers Flyer
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I took this picture of an early version of a Wright Brothers Flyer (5 years and 1053 days ago)

Satellites - created by Christy

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My picture of various types of satellites hanging from the ceiling at a museum. (5 years and 1052 days ago)

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Ice Bird - created by Christy

Ice Bird
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I took this during the Blizzard of 2010. (5 years and 2300 days ago)

Shells - created by Christy

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Shells and grass washed up on the river bank. (5 years and 2257 days ago)

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Bricked Ice - created by Christy

Bricked Ice
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Image was taken during the Blizzard of 2010...Water dripping from the overhang of the house created this ice formation on the brick wall. (5 years and 2300 days ago)

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