Double Island Point Lighthouse - created by Cellesmiles

Double Island Point Lighthouse
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This is the Double Island Point Lighthouse near Rainbow Beach in Qld Australia. It was completed in 1884 and is still going strong! (5 years and 1360 days ago)

First Loves Combined - created by Cellesmiles

First Loves Combined
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This was my second dog when I was a child. He was a beautiful English Springer Spaniel we named Jasper. He was difficult to train due to laziness but one thing he loved was playing soccer with us. He lived 18 years and still had his tail till the very end (the most expressive part of his body).
The second love is playing around with photography. I was lucky enough in year 11 and 12 art we had a darkroom in the art building. This was one of the first photos that I developed myself for an art assignment. I used Dad's old Minolta SLR camera and some black and white film we were given in art. Loved every minute of it and wish I could do more. (5 years and 1349 days ago)

Oliver's Day Out - created by Cellesmiles

Olivers Day Out
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My daughter's class had this turtle back pack and each night and weekend went home with a different child. There was a diary in the backpack section for the kids to tell of Oliver's adventure with them including photos. So after a day at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast, we took him for food at Hungry Jacks! (5 years and 1346 days ago)

Dahlia - created by Cellesmiles

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Treed - created by Cellesmiles

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