Bubblesplash - created by Bambi

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A waterdrop collision inside a soap bubble. (5 years and 2300 days ago)

Green Floater - created by Bambi

Green Floater
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A collision shot of two drops of water. Plain tap water in the bowl and a black food dye in the drops. (5 years and 2378 days ago)

Take 23 - created by Bambi

Take 23
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Its harder than you think to balance a drop of water on a dandelion seed. I want to re-try this one again soon, but with a nicer background. (5 years and 2233 days ago)

Silver Splash - created by Bambi

Silver Splash
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2 water drops colliding, the red is from a flash to the right. just plain water. (5 years and 2376 days ago)

Polygone - created by Bambi

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A present the cat brought in, subjected to the compost bin. I think it was a starling once upon a time, photographed on a glass sheet on an black cloth. (5 years and 2379 days ago)

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