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portrait - created by rasellia

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...now i know that it's really hard to draw my self.. (5 years and 2363 days ago)

The leader of the pack - created by rasellia

The leader of the pack
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The Leader of the Pack
Bonnie Kriwtschenko

The leader of the pack,
Strong and true
He holds his alpha head high,
Knowing another night is almost through
He lies beneath the moon,
Stares up at the sky
His dedication will always remain true.

Looking through his eyes,
One sees loneliness,
A soleness that no one understands,
But all accepts
In my eyes, he stands alone
He is simply God’s perfection
Yet, people still wander in his direction.

He pounces on the ice,
He slams at his reflection,
Why, when such beauty stands?

To be alone is what he desires,
However, to be understood is what it requires
Let him be the King…
To lead his own ring
The leader of the pack,
Has surely earned his pride,
Let him relax, and enjoy his ride. (5 years and 2370 days ago)

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Buncafro - created by rasellia

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Cat, frog and bunny... (5 years and 2380 days ago)

Girl in the water - created by rasellia

Girl in the water
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