Groovy Gal - created by alyssadanielle

Groovy Gal
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Created with pencil, colored pencil, marker and ink.

Created with no outside sources.

Groovy, baby. (5 years and 700 days ago)

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ORY: the dapper fellow - created by alyssadanielle

ORY: the dapper fellow
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Entry was created with pencil, colored pencil, pen and marker overlay.

Member is ORY, comprised of using the reference image as a guide and added a bow tie, suit jacket, facial hair, and monocle, indeed. (5 years and 721 days ago)

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Nom... Nom... Cupcakes. - created by alyssadanielle

Nom... Nom... Cupcakes.
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Entry created with no outside sources.

Only used eraser, and numerous sized basic hard brush.

(5 years and 737 days ago)

Glamour, Glitz, and Gore - created by alyssadanielle

Glamour, Glitz, and Gore
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Entry was created with pencil, marker, and pen.

No outside sources were used, just my imagination. :) (5 years and 735 days ago)

Grrrrrrrr... Braaaiinnns... - created by alyssadanielle

Grrrrrrrr... Braaaiinnns...
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Entry was completed with markers, colored pencil, and pencil.

Also, Thanks to Daragh, digitalsextant, BadCat13, Keith Roper, and Chris Ruggles for Source Images via Flickr. (5 years and 773 days ago)

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