Old Memories - created by LKY

Old Memories
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Made using pencil, eraser and .5 ball pen.

Time taken : 15 hours approx.

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Dragon Mania - created by LKY

Dragon Mania
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completion time : 6 hours

made using pencil, eraser and .5 gel pen(black)

Hope u guys will like it.

and All comments will be appreciated as always. (5 years and 2225 days ago)

StOP....GLoBAL WaRMING !!!!! - created by LKY

StOP....GLoBAL WaRMING !!!!!
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nothing to say......

all comments and critiques are welcome as always.....(:D

and Merry Christmas everyone........... (5 years and 2785 days ago)

Gaurdian - created by LKY

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making this entry was fun.

working hours : 7-8 hours
tools used : a eraser, a .5 HB pencil and a .5 ball point black pen.

Idea came all from my mind no reference, no inspiration nothing.

and finally
all comments will be appreciated as always (5 years and 2490 days ago)

Death Race - created by LKY

Death Race
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all work done using .5 ball pen (black) and a small pencil...

This may sound familiar. I've used the concept of movie "death race" and try to write a book on this with some modifications. (here ppl runs not cars)

here goes the story :

there was a secrete private organization which wants to make a lot of money. So they come up with new concept of online real death racing. This organization used to kidnapp ppl and from all those kidnapped ppl they put them in different difficulty lvl groups according to thier strength and weekness. And then they are begin send on tracks for racing and ppl who make it to the finish line alive is begin send for another round.

this is all about my story hope u'll like my story and the cover page..

also all comments will be appreciated as always...:D (5 years and 2631 days ago)

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