Recyclated - created by gedup

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(5 years and 946 days ago)

MostlyRed3D - created by gedup

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Thanks to Remsphoto for his model (5 years and 951 days ago)

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Electric shoes - created by gedup

Electric shoes
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When you walk, the shoes produce some electricity to recharge your mobile, (or other). Contact me if you wan't to buy my brevet ! :) (5 years and 926 days ago)

Escape - created by gedup

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Game or reality? (5 years and 1013 days ago)

Hoops pop's - created by gedup

Hoops pops
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Yesterday (march,20) at the same time i had an idea for this contest..a challenge to do it before the end (of the contest ,of course...not of the world)... have a look at the guide, if you want .
solidworks + photoview 360 (5 years and 1084 days ago)

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