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Green Screen Extract Wispy Hair - Photoshop Video Tutorial

This tutorial shows some more tools and techniques for a green screen extraction of a girl with wispy hair. Also shows how to create a simple gradient spot lit background from scratch in Photoshop.

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Matte Painting: Basic Extraction and Composition Techniques - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Matte painting is a technique that filmmakers use to create backgrounds for scenes that can’t or don’t exist in real life. In the early days, matte paintings were actually painted onto glass. Today, modern filmmakers use digital applications such as Photoshop to produce the backdrops that they need. We have published many matte painting tutorials on this site meant for intermediate and advanced users.

Today’s tutorial will teach you some quick ways to extract objects from their background and combine them with other images to produce the scene that you need.

Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
* Difficulty: Beginner
* Estimated Completion Time: 20 Minutes

Let’s get started!

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