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Photoshop CS5 Brushes Demonstration - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the Photoshop CS5 Bristle and Mixer Brushes. The new Mixer Brush lets you define multiple colors on a single tip to paint with subtle color blends.

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CS5: Painting Tools - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In today's Photoshop CS5 tutorial, featured by Lynda, 2 new painting tools in CS5 will be demonstrated, and you'll be amazed by the results, and how easy it is to achieve if you're willing to invest some time in it.

We'll demonstrate the bristle brushes, which simulate traditional paint brushes - the kind your local art-supply store sells - and its new Mixer brush, which lets you give a photo a painterly look. Along the way,

we'll pass along a tip for customizing Photoshop's interface—one of those little chores that can save so much time, but that so few of us do.

Brush strokes that look like you can reach and touch them!

Ready? Let's get started!

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