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Living With (and Without) the Rule of Thirds - Photography Tutorial

For beginners in photography, composition can be a real obstacle. Even when you have all the technical skills, it can be difficult to compose a photo that is pleasing to the eye. We have news for you: it is just as tough to teach to others. That’s because composition can be so personal. What appeals to me may not appeal to you. However, many photographers, beginners in particular, are not happy with the way their photos look. But often they can’t quite put their finger on why.

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Landscapes:The Rule of Three P's - Photography Tutorial

Before telling you the few basic ingredients to perfect landscape photography, let us tell you one secret that holds true even for the universe. It’s called the harmony. The key to every great thing is to strike the harmony right and landscape photography is not an exception. Open your eyes to the harmony all around you!

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10 Must-Know Golden Rules of Macros - Photography Tutorial

One of the simplest and more satisfying types of photography is of course, macro photography. Macro photography is defined as the close up focus of a subject with the use of a strong lens. You need a lens that can focus at a 1:1 ratio. An example is the use of the 35mm camera. You focus on an object that will fit into the screen as 24×36mm because this is the area size in the film. The Subject will be the exact same size as the image on the film, negative or slide. The joy of macro photography is that you are able to notice all of the great detail in a subject that you may have never noticed before, that makes the subject even more intriguing.

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The Rule of Thirds - Photography Video Tutorial

This is the easiest rule of composition to use. The Rule Of Thirds. This will make your photographs way more interesting!

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