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Making of an Abstract Artwork - Illustrator Tutorial

How to make an abstract illustration using basic shapes and the Live Paint Bucket Tool in Adobe Illustrator.

This tutorial shows you the creative process of Freedom (deviantART), and the principles of using the Live Paint Bucket tool, and what can be achieved with this great innovation in color management by Adobe in Illustrator CS4, which saves time, and may be used in countless sorts of project from character design to abstract Illustration.

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How to Use Multi-Layered Illustrator Artwork in InDesign - Illustrator Tutorial

Did you know that you can create multi-layered artwork in Adobe Illustrator, and then turn layers on and off in InDesign? Learn how in this quick tutorial.

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Draw Vector Heart Artwork - Illustrator Video Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to draw a vector heart! No source files are needed just Adobe Illustrator and some time! We cover: Using the Grid, Basic Pen tool, Gradients, Swatches, Blend modes, Masking, and so much more!

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Dynamic Art - Illustrator Video Tutorial

Check out this cool way to make your artwork so it is updated automatically from now on!

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Recoloring Artwork with CS4 - Illustrator Video Tutorial

This video describes how you can quickly change colors across an entire document in Illustrator CS4. It also covers the creation of an Action to help automate the process.

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